Saturday, 23 June 2012

GRASSHOPPER_PROCESSING_MAYA per l'architettura. Strumenti per il progetto - 1a Edizione

During next semester I'm going to be a tutor, togheter with Matteo Taramelli, Galileo Morandi and Silvia Bertolotti, of a series of workshops at Politecnico di Milano centered on computational tools for architecture.
The series is articulated in three separated workshops:

GRASSHOPPER_Algorithmic Assemblies v1.0_24/09/2012 -->28/09/2012
Tutors: Andrea Rossi, Matteo Taramelli

MAYA_Surface Modeling and Rendering_22/10/2012 -->26/10/2012
Tutors: Silvia Bertolotti, Galileo Morandi

PROCESSING_Generative Pixels v1.0_26/11/2012 -->30/11/2012
Tutors: Andrea Rossi, Matteo Taramelli

The head of the course is  prof. Attilio Nebuloni.

For more informations and applications visit this link:

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