Thursday, 12 January 2012

SLIME MOLD SCRIPTS (...almost done!!!)

2-dimensional: network simulation

3-dimensional: network to space simulation

All scripts are written in Processing and are based on Toxiclibs an Plethora libraries.

CodesInTheClouds design studio - prof. Liss C Werner
Dessau Institute of Architecture
Slime Mold team : Lila Panahi Kazemi, Andrea Rossi

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  1. Hi Andrea

    I am a physiotherapist working with children in Brisbane, Australia.
    We are making an e-learning package for students and would like to use your simulated video:
    Convergent Ambiguities: Slime Mold Final Simulation _Regional Network Growth

    It is to help students understand synapses. The site is protected and the video will be acknowledged to you.

    Is that OK? Please let me know if you would like more information